The Simple, Cost-Effective Solution for Upgrading Your VPS 2018-01-22 19:11:06 LiteSpeed Web Server reduces load, increases performance and stability, reduces hardware and support costs, and is ridiculously easy to set up and maintain.

The Simple, Cost-Effective Solution for Upgrading Your VPS

LSWS Reduces Load

At high traffic levels, Apache is a RAM hog and overloads your server — this is especially a problem for VPS users with limited memory. LiteSpeed Web Server's event-driven architecture uses far less memory and CPU than Apache. That means your services fit inside your VPS. Your VPS does not get overloaded and is able to handle far more connections quickly and reliably.

LSWS Increases Performance and Stability

LiteSpeed Web Server's tiny memory footprint, along with optimized code and performance features, allow LSWS to outperform not only Apache but also its "high-performance" competitors, nginx and Lighttpd — both in static and dynamic content. Faster processes and a tiny memory footprint also mean a less overloaded and therefore more dependable server — leading to lowered support costs.

LSWS Is Ridiculously Easy to Set Up and Maintain

LSWS is Apache-compatible — it loads Apache configuration files directly, allowing you keep using all the software you currently use without changing configurations. This includes hosting control panels written for Apache, like cPanel (WHM) and Plesk. This makes LSWS a cinch to set up and maintain. Compare this to nginx, which is not compatible with many web applications and has to be used as a static content proxy, adding more layers, more complexity, and more barriers to use.

LSWS Reduces Hardware and Support Costs

LiteSpeed Web Server's increased performance and efficiency mean you get more out of your current hardware. LiteSpeed's licensing fee is far less than the hardware required to pursue similar results with Apache. Because LSWS can use Apache's configuration files, it allows you to keep your web applications, including your control panel. Switching to LSWS doesn't require new support skills or hours setting up a new system. LSWS allows you to keep your system the way you always have, while relieving you of the troubles of an overloaded server.

For all these reasons, LiteSpeed Web Server comes highly recommended for getting more out of your current hardware and avoiding expensive upgrades. The question is not whether you can afford to switch to LiteSpeed. The question is: How much will it cost you to do anything else?