LiteSpeed Cache Package for Laravel Download 2019-05-01 21:14:00 LiteSpeed Cache Package for Laravel Download from LiteSpeed Technologies

LSCache Package for Laravel Download

Download the LiteSpeed Cache Package and start caching your custom-developed Laravel projects!

If you do not currently have LSWS Enterprise or OpenLiteSpeed installed but would still like to take advantage of the blazing-fast LiteSpeed Cache for your Laravel site, follow all steps below.

If you already have LSWS Enterprise or OpenLiteSpeed installed, skip to step 2.

Step 1

Get LiteSpeed Enterprise or OpenLiteSpeed

OpenLiteSpeed does not support ESI functionality.

New Installation:
Upgrade From an Older Version:
Use the lsup command to upgrade to LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise.
Get a License:
Request a trial license OR order from our store.
Enable LSCache Feature:
Configure Cache Root after your installation: Cache Root Configuration guide .
New Installation:
Download OpenLiteSpeed.

Step 2

Install the LSCache Package for Laravel

Release Log

To Install the Package:
Type or copy/paste the command below to your command line to initiate the installation.
composer require litespeed/lscache-laravel

Step 3

LSCache Package for Laravel Installation, Configuration and Integration

For install and configure LiteSpeed Cache, using the "liteSpeed Cache Installation and Configuration" guides on our Laravel Cache Wiki.

Integrate with your application using the LSCache docs from the README on GitHub.