LiteMage Cache Download

The LiteMage Module for LiteSpeed Web Server is available in our store as a purchasable add-on to new and existing LiteSpeed Licenses. The LiteMage Cache extension for Magento will remain free to download from Magento Connect.

If you do not currently have LSWS Enterprise 5.0+ installed but would still like to take advantage of the blazing-fast LiteMage Cache for your Magento store, follow all steps below.

If you already have LSWS Enterprise 5.0+ installed, skip to step 2.

Step 1: Get LiteSpeed Enterprise 5.0

Step 2: Get A LiteSpeed Enterprise License With The LiteMage Module Enabled

Step 3: Download the LiteMage Extension For Magento

Step4: LiteMage Installation and Configuration

Install and configure LiteMage using the “LiteMage Cache Installation” and “LiteMage Cache Configuration” guides on our LiteMage Cache Wiki .

If you need any additional support or help installing and configuring LiteMage for your Magento store, have a look at our LiteMage Support page.


Release Log
LiteMage 1.3.6 6-6-2017 Download