LiteMage2 For Magento 2

LiteMage Cache provides an improved cache alternative to Magento 2's default PageCache module and Varnish Cache selections. The LiteMage Cache module will replace the Varnish Cache option in the cache selector of the administrator interface for easy switching.

For most use cases, LiteMage Cache can improve your stores' performance right out of the box. LiteMage Cache also reduces the complexity of your stack; only the LiteMage Extension and LiteSpeed Enterprise are required*. There is no need for an NGINX reverse proxy nor a Varnish Cache instance because the server can handle HTTPS and HTTP/2 requests and cache the pages all in one application.

LiteMage Cache operates by taking the page information from Magento and instructing LiteSpeed Enterprise on how to cache said page. Once the server knows how to cache it, future requests for the same page will be served directly from Cache. In this way, requests will never hit the Magento backend until a page is changed.

* For clustered setups, LiteSpeed Load Balancer is needed as well.

Advantages Over Varnish

LiteMage's simple stack supports HTTPS and HTTP/2 right out of the box, eliminating the need for a separate front proxy.

While Varnish requires a direct socket connection for flush, LiteMage communicates directly via the same response header, eliminating overhead and providing a no-cost solution.

LiteMage delivers all of these benefits and easy setup to boot!

Magento 2 LiteSpeed Performance


We offer flexible pricing of LiteMage so you can choose the best fit for your needs.

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