LiteMage Cache
Release Log

LiteMage Cache is constantly updated with new features and bug fixes.

Version Release Date Type
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.3.6 6-6-2017 Feature Enhancements
  • New: Added a ‘Debug Level’ option for controlling debug log message detail.
  • New: Added a ‘Disable Layout Override for Non-Cacheable Routes’ option for sites with issues during the checkout process.
  • Improvement: Added an extra check for mismatched mobile detection rules between LiteMage and .htaccess for unresponsive mobile views.
  • Improvement: Added the ability to crawl mobile views for unresponsive themes.
  • Improvement: LiteMage will now write to it’s own debug log when enabled under Developer testing. Magento debug logging also no longer needs to be enabled.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.3.5 3-10-2017 Improvements, Bug Fixes
  • Improvement: Improved compatibility for Magento 1.7 stores not using form_key.
  • Improvement: Improved compatibility with customized themes.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where AJAX output containing ESI blocks could break JSON format.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where an external extension setting the layout cache ID could break checkout (Amasty - One Step Checkout).
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.3.4 1-26-2017 Improvements
  • Improvement: Improved compatibility of customized themes where ESI Blocks include setter functions.
  • Improvement: Disabled product 404 pages are now tagged with product/category IDs. Related URLs will now be auto-purged when these pages become available again.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.3.3 12-22-2016 Improvements
  • Improvement: Improved the compatibility with other plugins when rendering ESI blocks.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.3.2 12-9-2016 Bug fixes
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug when ajax response contains ESI block and the ESI urls was encoded by json output.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.3.1 11-7-2016 Bug fixes
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug that sometimes caused some layered ajax navigation to not show up properly.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.3.0 11-4-2016 Major Feature Enhancements and Bug fixes
  • Major feature improvement: Improved first page load speed for new visitors. This feature requires LiteSpeed Web Server 5.1.10 or LiteSpeed Load Balancer 2.0.1
  • New feature: allow separate cache copies for each defined user group.
  • New feature: allow crawlers to warm a copy of the site for logged in users.
  • Improved generation of site urls.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug caused when ESI blocks have child blocks with special layout handles.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.2.3 10-3-2016 Feature Enhancements and Bug fixes
  • Added a category purge option on the Edit Category screen.
  • Fixed a bug that was introduced in 1.2.0 that affected crawling urls with a cache vary.
  • Fixed a bug where the crawler sometimes did not work properly when setting the LiteMage Server IP.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when user agent theme exceptions were added for the template and skin, but not added for the layout.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.2.2 9-14-2016 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 1.2.1 where the default value for the LiteMage Server IP setting in the Cache Warm Up settings could cause errors.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.2.1 9-13-2016 Feature Enhancements and Bug fixes
  • Added cache support for FishPig WordPress Integration. WordPress pages will be auto purged by the LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress plugin.
  • Added support for LiteSpeed Load Balancer (LSLB). LiteMage cache will be located on your LSLB, no need to change your local web server setup.
  • Added support to purge by store ID.
  • Added a command line tool to purge LiteMage cache. This tool is located under the shell subdirectory under the Magento root directory.
  • Improved crawler and added delta crawler logging.
  • Improved new visitor detection when visitor log is disabled.
  • Allow users to specify what saving a product form the admin panel automatically purges.
  • Fixed a bug caused by specifying a different theme for different categories.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.2.0 8-5-2016 Major Feature Enhancements and Bug fixes
  • [Major Feature] Added auto-collect feature to collect URLs not included in the sitemap including deep urls with different filter selections.
  • [Major Feature] Added Delta Crawler, URLs related to purged tags will now be recrawled.
  • Added settings allowing customization of product page and related category purging on product quantity or stock status changes.
  • LiteMage will now auto detect and set cache varies for product pages based on whether the review form is displayed and whether your site allows guests to write reviews.
  • Improved compatibility with third party themes including AW, MT, and Ultimo themes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused errors when receiving soap api requests.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.1.2 6-17-2016 Feature Enhancements and Bug fixes
  • Added cached objects counter and statistics to the Cache Management page.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in a blank page after LiteMage installation.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.1.1 5-31-2016 Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug introduced in version 1.1.0 that caused the second round of crawling to not start properly until the cache was flushed.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.1.0 5-19-2016 Feature enhancements, Bug fixes
  • Added a Home Page TTL setting.
  • Added support for multiple custom URL warm-up list per store with different intervals and priorities.
  • Added support for setting a different default vary cookie name through .htaccess to avoid conflicts with other LiteSpeed Cache plugins.
  • Updated esi:include URLs to be compatible with LiteSpeed Load Balancer’s PageSpeed module.
  • Improved ESI block detection and hole punching accuracy.
  • URL Blacklist will now perform an exact match unless an “*” is added.
  • Fixed a bug where non-cacheable pages that redirected to a 404 page where mistakenly cached.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.0.18 4-7-2016 Feature enhancements
  • LiteMage is now open source under the GPLv3 license.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.0.17 3-9-2016 Feature enhancements
  • Domain names are now excluded from ESI URLs.
  • Switched cache warm up URL list handling from Magento's cache backend to a file-based system to decrease the chance of large lists exceeding memcached's maximum object size.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.0.16 1-18-2016 Feature enhancements, Bug fixes
  • Display crawler warm up progress in Magento Admin Panel and allow active crawler runs to be reset. Also allows the full crawl list to be viewed.
  • Fixed a bug in the crawler relating to default stores on non-default sites in a multi-site setup.
  • (Requires LSWS 5.0.11+) litemage_walker crawler will now always hit the backend, keeping the cache in an always warm state when Warm Up Interval is set to be less than cache TTL.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.0.15 1-8-2016 Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug from version 1.0.14 when crawling non-default stores or non-default currencies.
  • This version excludes inactive stores from the crawlers list.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.0.14 1-4-2016 Feature enhancements, Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug introduced in version 1.0.13 that caused the crawler to stop crawling.
  • Enhanced the crawler, allowing it to run in multiple threads. The number of threads is adaptively adjusted based on a user-defined limit and server load.
  • Added a configuration option allowing the user to supply a custom-defined Url list with different crawler priorities and intervals.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.0.13 12-3-2015 Feature enhancements
  • Improved first-page load time when site has multiple currencies or different cached copies per user group.
  • Added some new and existing customization options to the store level configuration scope.
  • Enhanced built-in crawler to allow designation of stores to crawl as well as each stores priority/crawl order.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.0.12 11-23-2015 Feature enhancements, Bug fixes
  • Added a system default configuration to prevent search results from being cached.
  • Fixed a bug where cached 404 pages were returning a 200 OK header causing them to be incorrectly indexed by search engines.
  • Fixed a bug causing a blank page after logging in when "Redirect Customer to Account Dashboard after Logging in" was set to "No" under Configuration > CUSTOMERS > Customer Configuration > Login Options in the Magento Admin Panel. This setting will now be ignored and customers will always be sent to the dashboard page after logging in.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.0.11 10-27-2015 Feature enhancements, Bug fixes
  • Added configuration option to crawl non-default currencies.
  • Added an admin function to allow purge tags from external programs.
  • Fixed a bug where private blocks sometimes would not update when a user logged in.
  • Fixed a bug in the warmup cron process when crawling non-default stores.
  • Ensured that LiteMage can still function when cache storage is not available, such as during memcached restarts or when layout cache is disabled. Shows a warning message on the Cache Management Page in the Magento Admin Panel.
  • Removed configuration option for "Separate Cache Copy for Customized Cookie Values". To handle this more efficiently, instructions on using a provided rewrite rule are now shown instead. (Use of rewrite rules available as of LSWS 5.0.7)

    Warning: If you are currently using the "Separate Cache Copy for Customized Cookie Values" field, please add the following rewrite rule, RewriteRule .* - [E=cache-vary:cookie_name], BEFORE upgrading the LiteMage extension.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.0.10 10-6-2015 Feature enhancements, Bug fixes
  • Added Admin IPs field to allow the displaying of debug information from within browser for listed IPs.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused LiteMage cache warm-up to not run.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused mobile view to not be properly displayed.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.0.9 8-26-2015 Feature enhancements
  • Now compatible with customized message blocks that use templates. Added a new configuration option in the Magento Admin Panel to define these blocks.
  • More tolerant of customized extensions using non-unique block names in layout files, as long as the alias is different.
  • Improved compatibility with some extensions involving "cannot add to cart" errors for configurable products.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.0.8 8-17-2015 Feature enhancements, Bug fixes
  • Added version number to module title under System > Configuration in Magento Admin Panel.
  • Added configuration option for customer defined block names associated with "welcome" and "toplinks" tags.
  • Added configuration option to enable alternative ESI syntax if standard syntax is being filtered by some other extension(s).
  • Fixed a bug when a dynamically created block is used.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.0.7 8-11-2015 Feature enhancements, Bug fixes
  • Added 2 access control points for LiteMage in Magento Admin Panel.
  • Added the option to distinguish between logged in and logged out users only in "Separate Cache Copy per Customer Group".
  • Only allow LITEMAGE_DEBUG GET parameter when debug mode is set to "Yes" or current IP matches an IP listed in "Enable LiteMage Cache Only for Listed IPs".
  • Fixed a bug in multi-currency setup.
  • Fixed a bug caused when "Separate Cache Copy per Customer Group" was enabled.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.0.6 7-29-2015 Feature enhancements
  • Added a new block attribute to allow programmatic hole-punching of a dynamically created block from a template.
  • Added user defined cacheable routes and Do-Not-Cache subroutes in configuration. Settings will be saved in the database, so no need to update conifg.xml.
  • Added for debugging: Allow users to purge by Product/Category/CMS IDs or specific urls under Cache Management. Purge is automatically triggered in LiteMage when any information is updated in the Magento Admin Panel.
  • Adjusted crawler to have a longer timeout.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.0.5 7-22-2015 Bug fixes
  • Fixed an exception caused when an ESI block has no associated parent block.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.0.4 7-20-2015 Feature enhancements, Bug fixes
  • Improved detection of customized ESI blocks
  • ESI block configuration changed. Default settings will now cover most customized cases.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a removed child block within an ESI block to continue showing up.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.0.3 6-2-2015 Bug fixes
  • Fixed web site errors when set "Add Store Code to Urls" to "Yes".
  • Fixed a bug in purge process when product out of stock.
  • Fixed a bug that private session out-dated while litemage private cache not expired (require lsws 5.0 build 16).
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.0.2 5-26-2015 Feature enhancements
  • LiteMage config.xml is restructured. ESI blocks are grouped based on cache tag and purge events to reduce duplication.
  • Added a private block litemage.jsvar at the end of html page as a place holder block to reset javascript global variables per user.
  • Added a new attribute to ESI block configuration to allow injecting a private block into a form value field.
  • Html comment tags around esi:include have been removed to work with html minify extensions.
  • Added GET parameter LITEMAGE_DEBUG=NOCACHE|SHOWHOLES to assist with integration testing.
LiteMage Extension For Magento 1.0.1 4-30-2015 Feature enhancements
  • Allows separate cache copy for user defined cookies
  • Sends purge headers upfront to avoid issues caused by ajax cart extensions
LiteMage Cache 1.0.0 4-17-2015 Initial release
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