cache control

  1. V

    Is it possible to make a cache that is only used once for each user? only First access

    Hi, I want a cache similar to “guest mode” but it will be used only once on the page, just to load the page for the user, after the user loads the homepage for the first time, the cache will be disabled for him, but it continues enabled for another user who has not loaded the page once. Is it...
  2. LuigiMdg

    Purge Cache at 00 o'clock

    Salutations, as the title suggests, would it be possible to trigger those 3600 seconds exactly at **: 00:00..? Thanks in advance to anyone who will take a moment to answer me.
  3. G

    Simple ajax chat wp plugin cache problem

    I have a frustrating problem with simple ajax chat wordpress plugin. When am trying to create a page with a livechat shorcode and i also need to use cache. But when i enable cache the ajax live function of the chat does not work. Does anyone has any suggestions? i use lightspeeed cache with...
  4. K

    Purge cache with '$_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]'

    Line 1 and line 2 aren't the same? The first line is purge the cache, but second line does not purge cache. How can I get the page address and delete the cache with php?
  5. K

    Rule: only cache posts older than x days

    Hello I am using ls Cache. Can we create a rule such as "Do not cache for posts published in the last 3 days" with the .htaccess file? I just want to cache for old posts but I couldn't. edit:I do not use plugins. I activate the cache with htaccess. I use cpanel + litespeed on my server.
  6. F

    How to make LiteSpeed Cache aware of Updates to WordPress Plugin

    I'm using a WordPress Plugin to display directory listing information on WordPress page, using a Shortcode. When I update information through the plugin, or add a new listing, the Page is still displaying the cached information. If I Turn OFF LiteSpeed Caching (to purge the cache), then...
  7. M

    PHP Notice: Undefined index error in cls.php

    I am facing cache issue on my sites admin area. The admin pages are showing cached pages even after disabling cache for admin. The issue not there after Refreshing the page or cleared the browser cache. While debugging the following errors are shown on debug log: [07-Jul-2020 22:15:14 UTC] PHP...
  8. S

    Can anyone tells me if lscache is working on this site or not?

    Im confused with all the info going on the net about working/not working lscache and cant find the "X-LiteSpeed-Cache: hit " on the response so here is header. can you guys please tell me if lscache is working on this website? the reason im asking is because on the "cpanel > LiteSpeed Web Cache...
  9. J

    [Solved] What are these values generated by litespeed

    Hi, I am on shared host who has litespeed server and I've installed wordpress and LScache plugin too. It's working great and super fast. My http headers now look as follows:- cache-control: max-age=3600, public x-litespeed-cache-control: public,max-age=86400 x-litespeed-tag...