1. Q

    [SOLVED] [Crawler Script] Curl operation/command failed due to server return code - 404, exit

    Hello, I have an active license but I'd like to try asking for help here first before opening a ticket. Someone else maybe [hopefully] has had this same issue/experience (and this could help others). This is for LiteSpeed Web Server (not OpenLiteSpeed). I recently converted from CentOS 7 to...
  2. sibipaul

    cURL Installed but Not Detected in PHP info

    Hello, Due to My WordPress Dashboard Warnings... I was Trying to Install cURL. But, After some research, I came to Understand that cURL is Installed by Default, But the Version is 7.29 So, I think about Upgrading it. After Posting on this Forum -...
  3. sibipaul

    How to Update cURL?

    Hello, My Server Config is DO + CentOS 7 + LS Ent + Cyber Panel Ent One of My Web App Shows a Warning in Backend Dashboard. You do not have the cURL PHP extension loaded or it is running a version less than 7.36. Enabling the cURL module provides a more efficient and reliable library for...
  4. P

    cURL error 7

    I see to have repeated issues with the image optimization, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. This time it provided an error: Any suggestions?