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    Exclude session storage

    hi, my client using your pro version of the WordPress plugin. I want to exclude session storage items from caching. I did not find an option for that.
  2. G

    Simple ajax chat wp plugin cache problem

    I have a frustrating problem with simple ajax chat wordpress plugin. When am trying to create a page with a livechat shorcode and i also need to use cache. But when i enable cache the ajax live function of the chat does not work. Does anyone has any suggestions? i use lightspeeed cache with...
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    How to disable / exclude Caching for a specific .php file?

    As the title says how can I disable / exclude a .php file from being cached by LS? When I use a caching plugin such as Hummingbird, all I have to do is add the following line to the top of the .php file in order to exclude it from cache: "define('DONOTCACHEPAGE', true);" Thanks in advance!