1. tobiasegli

    LiteSpeed virtualserver.conf with Virtualmin

    Hello everyone I installed and configured a LiteSpeed Webserver on top of a Ubuntu 20.04 Virtualmin install. After adding a script handler for php and CacheRoot for the virtualhosts moast things started to work as intended. Now I'm having two specific issues regarding a CGI/Perl script and...
  2. N

    Drupal broken images

    My problem is that drupal web site can not create image styles so i can not preview any image in the web site. The images look broken. I cahnged the file permision to 777, then 775 i tried almost every way but couldn't solve my problem. I think there is rewrite problem but i couldn' find...
  3. B

    Files with root ownership still get served

    Hello, I am currently utilizing cPanel with Litespeed version 5.4.6. All settings are default. I have a Wordpress installation for which I am setting the index.php file to root:root ownership. When I access the website, the same gets displayed with no errors. I also tested with a static...