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    With PHP8.x I get "An error has occurred. Attempt to assign property "id" on null"

    Hi, Using Joomla 4 with PHP7.4 on a server with LiteSpeed and with the LiteSpeed plugin for Joomla, everything works fine. But as soon as I switch to PHP8.x, I get the following error when I click on the "Publish Item / Unpublish Item" Icon on the Custom Fields List (namely on...
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    Joomla 4.x Contact form fronted blocked with LSCache Plugin 1.5.1 for Joomla 4

    I've experienced this problem: My live website couldn't send any email from frontend contact email form on a Joomla 4.2.2 installation (both italian and english contact form). After checking the differences with a local site with Joomla 4.1.5 (that worked fine) I've solved the problem. I...
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    PHP Warning: Undefined property: stdClass::$vary_language

    hello I have been using Litespeed cache on my joomla 3.10.10 for over a year with success. I just migrated my joomla site to version 4.1.5 under php 8.0.20 and there I have problems. Before migrating, I uninstalled the lscache version of joomla 3 then migrated the site and then reinstalled...