1. K

    Layout appearence problem on mobile devices after installed, configured and activated LSCache for Joomla!

    Hi there. I have installed LSCache plugin for Joomla! and configurated as in the attachement. Everything works fine, except the mobile layout, which doesn't looks always like it should be. Somethimes it shows the right layout, sometimes it shows some strange container padding on homepage and...
  2. lclarke

    LSCache for Joomla v1.3.0 Now Available

    Greetings! LSCache for Joomla v1.3.0 is now available. In this release: compatibility with Joomla v3.9, bug fixes, and more! RELEASE LOG: [New Feature] Added 'Purge Input URLs' feature [New Feature] Added 'Purge Select Modules' feature [New Feature] Added 'Rebuild All Cache' web interface in...
  3. lclarke

    LSCache for Joomla v1.2.1 Now Available

    Greetings! LSCache for Joomla v1.2.1 is now available. In this release: improvements to Auto Purge, bug fixes, and more! RELEASE LOG: [New feature] Added Admin IP option allowing set IP list to access LSCache web interface. [New feature] Added OnLSCacheExpired Event. Triggering this event...
  4. Àlex Miras

    Display problems with ESI enabled modules

    I have display problems with some modules if they are rendered as ESI: This is the same module none ESI rendered and how is supposed to look: This particular module is EU e-Privacy Directive, and it's one that you can't cache, but I found similar issues with other popular Joomla plugins...
  5. J

    JCH & LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for Joomla

    Currently on a new site I'm building using Joomla, JCH Optimize Pro and the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin, If I clear the JCH or Joomla System cache, the website breaks unless I manually clear the litespeed cache. site: It says 404 errors in the console: Failed to load...
  6. S

    Possible ACL issues with LSCache for Joomla

    The site in question has numerous levels of ACL user groups, which are well established and are working as intended. We've only recently been introduced to LScache. The site in question is using lscache-1.1.0 with Joomla 3.8.6 on LiteSpeed server. We have installed it according to the LiteSpeed...
  7. lclarke

    LSCache for Joomla v1.0 Now Available

    Greetings! We thought you'd like to know that LSCache for Joomla v1.0 was released recently! Requirements: Joomla 3.x or later and LiteSpeed Web Server 5.2.3 or later Please visit to download a copy. We look forward to your feedback :) Enjoy!