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    Server cannot connect anymore

    I have install litespeed using this Link I didn't point any DNS as it is still in develop, I'm hosting in AWS Lightsail with ubuntu platform, but around today (i,e,. 19th Oct 2021) 12:00 noon I cannot access my site it showing This site can’t be reached <IP> took too long to respond. I reboot...
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    htaccess need file blocking

    settings fixed. There is only one problem. public_html/resources/views/web/inc/header.blade.php --> no-cache? is it done? need file blocking how to .htaccess.php <IfModule LiteSpeed> RewriteCond %{ORG_REQ_URI} !/login RewriteCond %{ORG_REQ_URI} !/register RewriteEngine On RewriteRule .* -...
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    With Laravel I want only non-login users to keep cache.

    Hi, I have installed the cache, but I want the cache to work when the user is not logged in. This is how I configured the following files. lscache.php <?php return [ 'esi' => env('LSCACHE_ESI_ENABLED', true), 'default_ttl' =>...