1. H

    DynReqPerSec in <Location>

    I found DynReqPerSec to limit the requests per second per cliënt on virtual host basis ( I would like to have more control with this setting. I'm using a comparable feature for this in Nginx at the moment...
  2. W

    Limit POST in htaccess

    In Apache, I use the following htaccess file to require basic authentication on POST requests only. On litespeed, this same block requires basic auth for all requests, including GET which I want to make openly available. <Limit POST> AuthType Basic AuthName "Restricted Content"...
  3. ProactiveCode

    Limit simultanious PHP requests accross all virtual servers

    I'm using a 4gb / 2 core Digital Ocean VPS to manage around 30 low bandwidth sites. I've recently installed a Wordpress security plugin (Wordfence), in each installation, so I can use their central dashboard to monitor the security of all sites. The issue I'm having is that when this...