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    Issues with cache and WHMCS

    Hi, I tried using the LiteSpeed Cache on my WHMCS site, its using a WHMCS template as well. So i was trying to enable cache on this, when i noticed some issues, like users not really getting logget out when pressing log out (it says log out, but when they hit login, they just get logged back...
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    Problem with ceche

    I have a problem with logging in to the site through the panel installed for users simply can not log in to reload the page but when I clear the cache of your plugin or if I deactivate the LS plugin the error disappears, how to fix it?
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    Login issue

    Hi there! I've recently installed Litespeed and i'm having an issue regarding login as end user. No mater what is the input in the login fiels is does not return any message. It just displays Please wait... There are no errors in PhPMyAdmin Once I go and Purge ALL Cache from wpAdmin, it...