1. lclarke

    LSCache v5.3.3 for WordPress Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v5.3.3 RELEASE LOG: - Page Optimize Excluded Jetpack stats JS. - DB Optimize Fixed DB Optm SQL for revision postmeta. - Cache Fixed an undefined array key warning. - Purge Prevented undefined array key warning when widgets are disabled. - Object Fixed dynamic...
  2. J

    Issue with Removing original images after LScache Image optimization

    Hello, After image optimisation process and saving around 5gb, when trying to remove the original images, I am getting the below error: “The site is experiencing technical difficulties" and understood this is a general know error with the plugin. After reading through the docs, I see that...
  3. J

    LSCWS tweaks

    I have changed many settings from default OFF to ON in LSCWP plugin and it showed very much improvements in pagespeed score from GTmetrix and Pingdom. I have done this tweaks in a test wordpress website. Now my concern here is can I change all the settings in a production environment too or any...
  4. M

    Use both the CDN KeyCDN and the Cloudflare via LSCWP for WP plugin?

    Hi, Is it possible to use both the CDN KeyCDN and the Cloudflare at the same time via LSCWP for WP plugin? Thanks in advance for the support.
  5. M

    LSCWP for WP plugin - Cloudflare Automatic Cache Management.

    Hi, I use LSCWP for WP plugin, and use Cloudflare with the WP plugin provided by Cloudflare. I would like to use Cloudflare directly via LSCWP for WP plugin and the only question I have for you is the following. The official plugin developed by Cloudflare for WP offers this function...