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    Image names being changed by LiteSpeed breaks image links and I get "404 Not Found nginx" (examples included)

    Hello! My site ( has a blog and I added LiteSpeed to help image loading. Randomly, images were not working on the site, and after digging in, it appears what is happening is the filenames are being changed in LiteSpeed, and the connection through my WordPress media get broken...
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    400 Bad Request nginx/1.15.6

    Hello, I am using LS Cache plugin + host module, but I often have an issue when updating a post or page on my wordpress website and load the page on a browser. Then I need to refresh the page to display it. Quite annoying issue as I didn't find any solution on google. Need to solve this or I...
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    LSWL in combination with Apache and NGINX

    Hi, I have Apache and NGINX installed on my server. I have LSWL Licence too. Will it be helpful for me? Server details: CPU: 2v; RAM: 2GB Website: Woocommerce Regards Prat