1. lclarke

    Ruby LSAPI v5.4 Now Available

    Announcing: Ruby LSAPI v5.4 This release consists of bug fixes. RELEASE LOG: [BUGFIX] Address compatibility issue with ruby 3.0+ Cheers!
  2. lclarke

    Ruby LSAPI v5.2 Now Available

    Announcing: Ruby LSAPI v5.2 RELEASE LOG: [Bug Fix] Address stability issues with ruby 2.0+ caused by a regression in v5.1. Cheers!
  3. lclarke

    PHP LSAPI v7.8, Ruby LSAPI v5.1, and Python LSAPI v1.7 Now Available

    Announcing: PHP LSAPI v7.8 Ruby LSAPI v5.1 Python LSAPI v1.7 RELEASE LOG: [Bug Fix] Make single worker non-prefork mode work properly. (RUBY LSAPI ONLY) [Bug Fix] Correct inaccurate children process tracking. [Tuning] Update log message with more information when possible: Timestamp, UID, PID...
  4. lclarke

    Ruby LSAPI v5.0 Now Available

    Announcing: Ruby LSAPI v5.0 RELEASE LOG: [Tuning] Improved stability with Ruby 2.0+ Cheers!
  5. A

    Which one is best Python or Ruby?

    Hello Everyone, I am new here and I have completed my graduation in Btech. I am confused to choose the right direction to build my future between Python and Ruby. They both are high-level language and server-side scripting languages. Both are used for web applications also work on multiple...
  6. A

    [Resolved] error Cannot find RUBY installation on Directamdin

    Hi, I have a Directadmin server with CB2.0. When I want to install litespeed I get the following error: "Cannot find RUBY installation, remember to fix up the ruby path configuration before you can use our easy RubyOnRails setup" Any help is appreciated.