1. Z

    Node.js App not running

    Hello dear community, I have an application configured with LiteSpeed. I followed the tutorial guide about how to deploy an NodeJS application. I've done everything correctly which u could see from the screens in the attachments. Once I had a application running with Fastify JS the fastify...
  2. AndrewN

    [solved] How do I change Litespeed password?

    Could you please help me to change the litespeed password ?
  3. R


    Hello good day.. I'm boarding to set up the CDN zone in wordpress plugin. for the KEYCDN Genrenic CDN. You can give me the steps to be able to configure correctly. and not have to use another plugin to cache. I have tried several ways and I do not know how to do it. You can give me the...
  4. K

    Disable Server Signature via HTACCESS?

    Currently all output contains this HTTP response header: Server: LiteSpeed For users in a shared environment who don't have access to the server config file, Apache has a cool directive called ServerSignature off to disable the output of the Server header in all output requests to improve...