1. D

    The second domain redirects me to the first domain

    I installed Lightspeed and WordPress and the domain was linked they all worked fine and normally, but the problem happened when I added a second domain and installed WordPress on it the problem is that the second domain automatically directed me to the first domain what should I do now!
  2. M

    If you can't access your Webadmin frontend...

    ... and the support plays ping-pong with you for days without presenting a solution: I found a super simple solution that helped in my case (on page 23 of Google`s search results.) cfs -f The support was not able to tell me that simple and in retrospective obvious command. Hopefully, it will...
  3. lclarke

    Please use the official WordPress forum

    Greetings! We would like to consolidate our free support efforts into a single location. To that end, we are closing this forum to further posts and requesting that you use the official WordPress support forum to report any issues. We apologize if this causes you any inconvenience, but we...