1. forumsyair888

    Using only brotli compression

    How can I enable only one compression that is BROTLI , I'm using ubuntu 20.04 already installed LSWS with php 8.1 and using wordpress, by default it will be GZIP compression but I want the default compression to be BROTLI. thank you
  2. M

    Installing cPanel on LiteSpeed WordPress (GCP)

    I am trying to set up a WordPress installation using a cPanel backup provided by a third party who can offer zero support. I have tried a few installations of various sorts, but there has always been one problem or another. So I decided to create a LiteSpeed WordPress installation from Google...
  3. R

    Website only shows on a URL with https:// not without

    Hi guys, I installed my first webhosting server with Litespeed. Everything worked out fine except the SSL part. I created a SSL certificate and it's working fine. But after that my website is not showing on the following URL's: - http://example.com - http://www.example.com - example.com -...