1. Defacto

    How do I edit APVHost Virtual Servers?

    How do I edit APVH_Default, APVHost1, and APVHost2 in LSWS Admin Console? When I deactivate these VHs, I get a 403 Forbidden messsage in browser when visiting IP address. Even though I've manually made my own VH, and it's the only one running, I still get a 403 Forbidden error. (UFW and cloud...
  2. S

    how make a reverse proxy by config files

    we have a centos 7 server with litespeed as webserver now I want to make a reverse proxy to direct incomming requests from to localhost:4000 first where is litespeed virtual host config files ? then: what config do I need to apply in those files ?
  3. J

    use PHP7.4

    I have installed PHP74 on the server from repo other than LSPHP. I would like to set up a virtual host to use PHP74. How can I set this up using external app or any other method? NB: I am using LSnative admin panel to setup virtual host. Thanks in advance!
  4. J

    How to access Virtual hosts with ip?

    I setup the virtual hosts with "name based virtual hosting" and are working properly while typing the domain names in browser. I would like to access virtual hosts by calling IP. How can I do that? Thanks!
  5. D

    Open Litespeed multiple https sites configuration

    Hi all, i have 2 different sites that should be configured in open LiteSpeed. I've created 2 virtualhost, one for each site. In each virtual host i've configured the SSL certificate. (SSL tab) Then, i've created the listener ( port 443, secure = yes ) and i've mapped the two virtualhost on it...