1. lclarke

    Python LSAPI v2.1 Now Available

    Announcing: Python LSAPI v2.1 This release consists of bug fixes. RELEASE LOG: [Bug Fix] Address compatibility with python 3.10 . Cheers!
  2. lclarke

    Python LSAPI v2.0 Now Available

    Announcing: Python LSAPI v2.0 RELEASE LOG: [New Feature] Python 3.9 support. [Misc] Clean up compiler warnings. Cheers!
  3. V

    Internal Error - utf8 value in request - wsgi-python(django)

    Hi there, at the moment I use Litespeed 5.4.11 - Cpanel v92.0.6 - Cloudlinux 7.9. I deployed a Django project with Cloudlinux Python App interface and its work like a charm, except during handling utf8 requests for example when I make a request like :تست i face with this error...