Flash of Unstyled Content (FOUC) problem (SOLVED!)

Discussion in 'LiteSpeed Cache General' started by Lisa Thompson, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Lisa Thompson

    Lisa Thompson New Member

    I have been having a pretty substantial problem with FOUC on one of the Wordpress sites I manage since installing Litespeed cache along with the LiteSpeed Cache plugin. Is there anything I can tweak in the Litespeed server settings and/or in the plugin settings to correct this issue? Thanks for any help you can provide.

    My current settings:
    Server Variables
        X-LSCACHE = on
        LSWCP_TAG_PREFIX = b0e
    Wordpress Specific Extras
        wordpress version = 4.9.1
    LSCache Plugin Options
        version =
        radio_select = 1
        purge_upgrade = true
        cache_priv = true
        cache_commenter = true
        cache_rest = true
        cache_page_login = true
        timed_urls =
        timed_urls_time =
        cache_favicon = true
        cache_resources = true
        mobileview_enabled = false
        mobileview_rules =
        cache_uri_priv =
        cache_browser = false
        login_cookie =
        check_advancedcache = true
        debug = 0
        admin_ips =
        debug_level = false
        log_file_size = 30
        heartbeat = true
        debug_cookie = false
        collaps_qs = false
        log_filters = false
        log_ignore_filters = gettext
        log_ignore_part_filters = i18n
        public_ttl = 604800
        private_ttl = 1800
        front_page_ttl = 604800
        feed_ttl = 0
        403_ttl = 3600
        404_ttl = 3600
        500_ttl = 3600
        purge_by_post = A.F.H.M.PGS.PGSRP.PT.T
        excludes_uri =
        excludes_qs =
        excludes_cat =
        excludes_tag =
        css_minify = true
        css_combine = true
        css_combined_priority = false
        css_http2 = true
        css_exclude =
        js_minify = true
        js_combine = true
        js_combined_priority = false
        js_http2 = true
        js_exclude =
        optimize_ttl = 604800
        html_minify = true
        optm_qs_rm = true
        optm_ggfonts_rm = false
        optm_css_async = true
        optm_js_defer = true
        optm_emoji_rm = false
        optm_excludes =
        optm_exclude_jquery = true
        cdn = false
        cdn_ori =
        cdn_exclude =
        cdn_remote_jquery = 0
        media_img_lazy = false
        media_img_lazy_placeholder =
        media_iframe_lazy = false
        hash = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        nocache_cookies =
        nocache_useragents =
        crawler_include_posts = true
        crawler_include_pages = true
        crawler_include_cats = true
        crawler_include_tags = true
        crawler_excludes_cpt =
        crawler_order_links = date_desc
        crawler_usleep = 500
        crawler_run_duration = 400
        crawler_run_interval = 600
        crawler_crawl_interval = 302400
        crawler_threads = 3
        crawler_load_limit = 1
        crawler_domain_ip =
        crawler_custom_sitemap =
        crawler_cron_active = false
        esi_enabled = false
        esi_cached_admbar = true
        esi_cached_commform = true
        media_img_optm_cron_off = false
        media_img_webp = false
        cache_browser_ttl = 2592000
        optm_ggfonts_async = true
        media_img_webp_only = false
        media_img_exif = false
        media_img_webp_lossless = false
        use_http_for_https_vary = false
        optm_max_size = 1.1999999999999999555910xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        optm_rm_comment = true
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  2. lclarke

    lclarke Administrator Staff Member

    Hi, Lisa

    Thank you for sharing all of the detailed information.

    You mention that you're having this problem on just one site - not any of the others you manage? Any idea what is different about that one site? Any different settings, or different plugins installed?

    Does it happen on every page?
    Does it continue to happen if you disable the minify and/or combine options?

  3. Lisa Thompson

    Lisa Thompson New Member

    Yes, it happens on all pages. Can't think of anything different on this site that would make it happen on this one and not others. I removed CSS & JS minify and combine options based on your suggestions, but I am still having the problem. Any other ideas? Thanks!
  4. lclarke

    lclarke Administrator Staff Member

    Do you notice any errors in the developer tool in Chrome or Firefox?
    Can you provide us with a copy of your Environment Report? Maybe something will jump out at us there.
    (Navigate to LiteSpeed Cache > Report, press the Send to LiteSpeed button, make note of the "Report Number", and then post the number here so we can look it up.)

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  5. Lisa Thompson

    Lisa Thompson New Member

    Sorry Lisa, I have notifications on but somehow never got one about your reply here. I sent a report in, thanks!

    LiteSpeed Report Number
    Report number: JULEZTCK
    Report date: 06/15/2018 16:08:38
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  6. Lisa Thompson

    Lisa Thompson New Member

    Just wanted to report to anyone having this problem, that it was fixed by installing the newest version of the plugin (v2.3)! (Thanks Lisa for the suggestion!)
    Turned out that it had to do with the "Load CSS Asynchronously" setting. It was trying to load the page before it has loaded the critical CSS that is needed to format the page correctly.
    Turns out, the newest version of the plugin has a new feature that actually calculates that critical CSS beforehand, and loads it first thing.
    Installing it fix the problem! Yay!

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