Issue with LiteSpeed cache plugin and login module

I'm having an issue with the display of a Joomla login module when the LiteSpeed plugin is activated.
The login module is in a popup and is displayed via a mouse click. If I activate the LiteSpeed cache plugin, the popup is displayed but without the login module.
If the login module is integrated into an article, there is no problem.
Another peculiarity: if the user is on the page where the login module is integrated into the article and requests to display the login popup, the login module is displayed properly.
I have tried different settings in the LiteSpeed component but I can't find a solution... Do you have any idea how to fix this?

Many thanks,

Joomla 4.4.3
PHP 8.2.x
Latest version of LiteSpeed cache
I found the issue, if someone could explain to me why this behavior...
For this site, login modules in a popup don't seem to accept the "Render Login Module as ESI" option, regardless of whether it's enabled in the LiteSpeed Cache component's general configuration or the individual module settings.
In both cases, the ESI option needs to be disabled.

What's puzzling is that I don't encounter this problem in Cassiopeia (Joomla default template).
This leads me to believe the issue might be related to the template?

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