LSCache purges all cache on product edit


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So is there a solution to this now?

If we have the following:
Category1 and under it:

When I edit Product2 it purges all of the above.

I need it purge just Product2+Category1 BUT NOT the other products.
I have a terrible option but it does work and saves a little bit of time.

1) go to extensions/events
2) disable scache_product_edit (now anytime you edit a product it will not clear the cache for all products)

This will stop the problem then I take the URL of the item I modified and go to LScache/URL settings/Purge URLs and paste in the URL and rebuild only that one item.

For the life of me I cannot understand nor believe a programmer thinks this was a good and righteous way to program their program...
My modest opinion(no technical knowledge) is that the solution would be in the tag/code which says to purge all product page cache belonging to a category on purging category cache.

As purging the category page is a result of purging a single product page cache.


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A new version has just been published, with a new option that should be disabled to prevent purge of related cache.
Purge Category Cache on Product Save

But it seems it has a bug. If I disable it, visitors get 500 error for every page.
There is also a noname option (enable /disable). Could be about caching 404 pages.
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