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Save Your Customers Money with LiteSpeed Web Server

Instead of asking your customers to make an expensive hardware upgrade, give them a cheaper option for getting more out of their server. LiteSpeed Web Server can bring overloaded servers back under control, and it's easy for you to implement.

LSWS Reduces Load and Increases Performance

With its streamlined, event-driven architecture, LiteSpeed Web Server uses far less CPU and memory than Apache, especially at high traffic levels. This efficiency, along with optimized code and performance features, allow LSWS to outperform not only Apache but also other "high-performance" competitors both in static and dynamic content.

LSWS Is Ludicrously Easy to Set Up

LiteSpeed Web Server is an Apache drop-in replacement — it loads Apache configuration files directly and works with Apache web applications out of the box, including hosting control panels like WHM and Plesk. Switching a customer from Apache is as simple as installing the software — no configuration changes, no long setup, no unfamiliar systems, no downtime. It takes 15 minutes and your customers will be much happier.

LSWS Reduces Support Costs

How much support time do you spend tending to buggy, overloaded servers? LiteSpeed can relieve you of these hassles while costing your customers far less than the hardware upgrade required to deal with Apache's memory and CPU usage. Because LSWS uses Apache's configuration files and works with control panels, your techs don't have to learn new support skills or spend hours setting up a new system. Your customers and your sysadmins will thank you.

Satisfying your clients and saving on support costs — that's why many successful VPS and dedicated server providers highly recommend LiteSpeed Web Server for getting their clients more out of their current hardware. If you were the client, what would you want?