Shared Hosting Providers Solution (No Quotes) 2018-01-16 16:22:33 Shared Hosting Providers Solution (No Quotes) from LiteSpeed Technologies

Perfect Platform for Shared Hosting

Increase Density, Performance, and Profitability

LiteSpeed Web Server's event-driven architecture makes far more efficient use of CPU and RAM than Apache. This, and LiteSpeed's other enhancements, including better PHP performance than Apache or nginx , allow you to serve double the number of clients on the same hardware, all while increasing each client's performance. More clients and better performance mean increased profits for you.

Cut Hardware Costs

Serve ten times as many users on the hardware you already own. LiteSpeed Web Server's gains in performance and efficiency come without any changes in hardware. Increase your profits by lowering your TCO and raising your ROI.

Built for Shared Hosting

LSWS offers benefits especially for shared hosting:

LSWS increases your performance and efficiency while supporting the technology you need for state-of-the-art shared hosting. Customers know that LiteSpeed means premium hosting. More and more users are making it a prerequisite for their business.

Save Money on Support and Setup

While LSWS's increased efficiency means more stable, less overloaded servers and less support requests, LiteSpeed Web Server's Apache compatibility, means there's no need to learn a new system or complicate matters with extra layers (like nginx as a reverse proxy). LiteSpeed handles all aspects of web hosting, including turbocharging web applications, from your existing Apache configuration files. Simply run our installation script and watch your load drop.

LiteSpeed Web Server allows you to add users and increase performance for a fraction of the cost of new hardware. Its Apache and control panel compatibility mean you see these gains without spending time and money configuring new setups. Ask us about trying a free trial license.