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OpenLiteSpeed - 100% Open Source

OpenLiteSpeed is a lightweight, high-performance HTTP server open sourced under GPLv3. Featuring many built-in cutting edge web technologies, OpenLiteSpeed is the first publicly available server to provide HTTP/2. Combined with the LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress plugin, OpenLiteSpeed provides a 100% open source software stack that can greatly improve WordPress performance with little to no effort needed.

Our 1-Click Installation & Digital Ocean Integration scripts will instantly accelerate any WordPress site.

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress is a highly customizable, easy to use cache plugin designed to work with both our LSCache (Enterprise) and OpenLiteSpeed (open-source) cache module. The seamless web server - plugin - WordPress integration provides performance and accuracy unmatched by any other caching solution.

Additionally, with LiteSpeed responsible for both server and cache products, any/all issues are assured to be addressed swiftly.

LiteSpeed Cache Is Faster

Apache & W3TC vs Nginx & FCGI Cache vs LiteSpeed & LSCache

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Control Panel Integration (Ent.)

The LiteSpeed cPanel/WHM plugin is a simple and powerful tool providing easy server and cache management for shared hosts. At the press of a button, the plugin can switch the server from Apache to LiteSpeed and back again.

The Cache Management feature quickly deploys LiteSpeed Cache across all WordPress sites, significantly reducing resource consumption and increasing the number of sites that can be handled per server.