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    error 500 afer fresh install when accessing to litespeed web ui

    Hello, I got a problem after a fresh install of cyberpanel + litespeed ent bundle v2.1.1 on centos 8 (on a vps) : error 500 on connecting to ip:7080 even with 7080 port opened in cyberpannel firewall. (I have do a netstat and 7080 is listening right) According to...
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    Internal Error - utf8 value in request - wsgi-python(django)

    Hi there, at the moment I use Litespeed 5.4.11 - Cpanel v92.0.6 - Cloudlinux 7.9. I deployed a Django project with Cloudlinux Python App interface and its work like a charm, except during handling utf8 requests for example when I make a request like : domain.com/تست i face with this error...
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    500 Error Request Timeout

    Hi there, I have a site on the server that has large packages of files (~1-2gb) that get zipped and downloaded. Users are reporting timeouts when trying to download these with the following error: Request Timeout This request takes too long to process, it is timed out by the server. If it...
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    error 500

    dear i setup my django project and its working fine in backed with manage.py but with openlitespeed error 500 is coming how can i check what is the error error [LocalWorker::workerExec] Config[AdminPHP]: suExec uid -1 gid -1 cmd /usr/local/lsws/admin/fcgi-bin/admin_php -c ../conf/php.ini...
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    Page isn't working - 500 error - swapping to LS from Apache

    Evening all, I'm somewhat perplexed by this. I'm running on Plesk Obsidian, and LS was installed (5.4.3) through their extension store. Everytime I swap over to Litespeed, I get the 500 error and this is on every single page I try to visit. Swapping back to Apache and the site suddenly works...