503 service unavailable

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    503 Service Unavailable The server is temporarily busy, try again later!

    Hi, I have the problem in the subject. Since Saturday 30.09 this problem appeared on https://alwaysintrend.ro/. I spoke to the hosts and they managed to disable your plugin - it seems that it conflicts with one of the installed plugins after some updates. They found this error: "[30-Sep-2023...
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    error 503 on proxy subdomains of cpanel

    hello i get error 503 when i want to load proxy subdomains like http://cpanel.domain.com. also i checked apache and there isn't any problem when switch to apache... i attached screenshot of this error that captured from lsws log console. also some errors like this happened when i got 503...
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    Random 503 error

    Hello. We use Cloudlinux with ISP Manager 5 Bussines (shared hosting control panel) and Apache in prefork mode with LSAPI. We get random 503 errors on many sites (about 100). Currently, Cloudlinux support can't resolve this problem. We see errors in error log: [Fri Jun 26 16:43:44.466318 2020]...
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    503 Service unavailable for clients on Google Chrome

    Hi, 4-5 clients have recently via email and forums as well as recently via Facebook as well: https://www.facebook.com/sktwordpressthemes/posts/1318334698235511 The above link shows that the client was unable to access our website: sktthemes.net via Google chrome and it gives the error 503...