1. K

    Problem with css desktop/mobile version

    Good morning, I installed LiteSpeed Cache Module for PrestaShop, but browsing the site from decktop pc it loads the mobile version. The template has no separate mobile version. Also if I tried to activate Separate Mobile View and I deleted Lite Speed and Prestashop cache it doesn’t work...
  2. J

    Changes do not apply to style.css

    سلام دوستان تغییراتی که در پرونده style.css ایجاد کردم اعمال نمی شود. من فایل style.css را در پوشه ریشه الگوی خود در هر سایتی که اضافه می کنم نمی بینم و سپس آن را در سایت خود ذخیره می کنم. نکته جالب این است که یک بار که این پرونده را کاملاً خالی کردم و ذخیره کردم ، حافظه پنهان مرورگر را نیز پاک...
  3. X

    Removing Unused CSS Code

    Hello, I'm trying my best to optimize my website for performance and the PageSpeed Insights tool of Google showed me that there is a lot of unused CSS code which hinders page load. It's the CSS file at the bottom: https://prnt.sc/sei0ps Do you have any idea if this is normal and should be...
  4. V

    Woocommerce Reviews and Video Displaying Issue

    Hello, I am facing two issues with LiteSpeed functions. Before I explain here is my system info: Wordpress Divi Woocommerce Cpanel First, the woocommerce comments work well for logout users, but when you login, the review module isn't seen on the product page. When I clear history and cache and...
  5. Aminvtn

    CSS cache problem

    Hi. I'm using PrestaShop and LiteSpeed module. Before installing ls module, when I add a CSS code to autoload folder, it would load the code with a simple page refresh so my users will always see the last changes. After installing ls module, I found that the user has to press Ctrl+F5...
  6. J

    How to stop the Cached Min/Cat CSS File from Render Blocking ATF Content

    I mentioned this in another thread, though the topic is important enough to warrant its own thread, imho. So when LSC min/cats the CSS files, it creates one that is stored in the cache. EXAMPLE: https://YOURSERVER.com/min/f5e40.css The problem is that new file is render blocking above the...