CSS cache problem

Hi. I'm using PrestaShop and LiteSpeed module.

Before installing ls module, when I add a CSS code to autoload folder, it would load the code with a simple page refresh so my users will always see the last changes. After installing ls module, I found that the user has to press Ctrl+F5 to see the final changes even after I Flush all cached pages from the module configuration page.

So is there any option or solution that will solve this problem? (Refreshing the changed CSS file without Ctrl+f5)

Hi @Unique_Eric

Thanks for responding, Apache optimization is On in CCC section (and also I have disabled first two options in that section (CSS/JS cache) because sometimes CSS files can't load properly while this option is enabled)

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I see, please try turn Apache optimization off.
Restart web server if you can (not a must)

And try reproducing the issue after you clean up all the browser cache from your device.