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    Anchor link misses the correct scroll position (first time)

    I use elementor pro with several containers with CSS IDs as anchors for links. Through the sticky menu all these containers are set with a top padding of 80px. Some of these links have the phenomenon that the position is not correct the first time they are called (see anchor1.jpg). The second...
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    litespeed did not speed up website

    Hi, I used elementor to make my website and wanted to speed it up with litespeed. But after implementing the advanced setup I noticed some parts of my website weren't working properly anymore. So I checked what happened and it turned out css combined was causing troubles which I couldn't fix. So...
  3. B

    Elementor background slideshow does not use optimized images

    I've been working on an Elementor website for a while, using LiteSpeed Cache for optimization, and on one of the pages, the background at the top is set as a slideshow. But the images in that slideshow all show up as .jpeg when I analyze the site or inspect the elements in browser (I've only...
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    Error 404 on my website but only on certains pages ! HELP !

    Hello ! I have a problem with the plugin which puts a 404 error, but only on certain pages. My website is a Wordpress, builded with Elementor Pro. I have installed LiteSpeed Cache, and turn on some options. It's all good, except for a post type, and I don't know why. Looks like CSS (and maybe...