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    Trying to install LiteSpeed, but cert error while downloading .tar package from server

    I'm running cPanel on Cloudlinux, so after installing trial version on latest release via cPanel Plugin, got error while downloading. So I try to diag, run command: wget got below error: --2019-05-31 06:08:15--...
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    cURL error 7

    I see to have repeated issues with the image optimization, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. This time it provided an error: Any suggestions?
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    JCH & LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for Joomla

    Currently on a new site I'm building using Joomla, JCH Optimize Pro and the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin, If I clear the JCH or Joomla System cache, the website breaks unless I manually clear the litespeed cache. site: It says 404 errors in the console: Failed to load...
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    [Resolved] ERROR 6000: Notice

    Hi, I just had Litespeed installed yesterday along with LS Cache. Everything supposedly went fine, I can see the installation on the WHM manager and my host says it's all good. BUT, after installing the LiteSpeed Cache plugin I see the error message below on its settings page within WordPress...
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    .htaccess redirects won't all work on Lite Speed

    Hi all, Have spent 3 days trying to get all url redirects to HTTPS to work but no matter what i try i cant get all urls to redirect to have looked high and low and tried 100 different ways without luck. Any help would be great! to...