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    Image names being changed by LiteSpeed breaks image links and I get "404 Not Found nginx" (examples included)

    Hello! My site ( has a blog and I added LiteSpeed to help image loading. Randomly, images were not working on the site, and after digging in, it appears what is happening is the filenames are being changed in LiteSpeed, and the connection through my WordPress media get broken...
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    Don't upload image or post from mobile to wordpress

    Hi. I have tried the litespeed server and they work excellent ( very speed )! The problem is that when i try to add an article from my mobile phone wordpress app it doesn’t work properly and it is always loading without adding the article or upload image. From the desktop pc work fine with not...
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    NextGen gallery image upload error

    Running a WordPress site, recently switched to LiteSpeed from W3 Total Cache, and I'm getting a new error when using NextGen gallery. While in WP admin, on the NextGen gallery upload page, I select an image file to upload, click "Upload" and NextGen gives me error message: An unexpected error...
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    Missing "Installed Versions" Image

    This is a minor bug, however next to the Installed Versions version number is a missing image / broken image link. CLOUDLINUX 7.3 x86_64 standard – host cPanel & WHM 64.0 (build 24) Litespeed Version: 5.1.16 Link to missing image: