litespeed cache bug

  1. S

    prevent caching for logged-in wordpress users without plugin

    Hi I use asset clean up and Wprocket to speed up Wordpress and cache pages. I do not want to use Litespeed cache plugin but I am interested in using litespeed server-side caching . I use htaccess method to cache pages using litespeed but my problem is that I am unable to prevent showing cached...
  2. shahzadarsi

    I am not getting "Domain Key" in my wordpress dashboard for litespeed cache plugin

    Hi please someone help, I am not getting "Domain Key" in my WordPress dashboard for the LiteSpeed cache plugin. After trying various times and even waiting for days but still i haven't gotten the domain key. Please take my issue seriously and fix it asap. I am using Cloudflare CDN just to let...
  3. W

    Bug with LiteSpeed Cache in Zox News Theme

    Basically, when I enable the LiteSpeed Cache it speeds up the pages but creates an error for anyone not logged in I have attached a video sent to me by my tech guy so you can see it, and if there is someone who can help me fix this I would appreciate it because I have had to disable Litespeed...