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    prevent caching for logged-in wordpress users without plugin

    Hi I use asset clean up and Wprocket to speed up Wordpress and cache pages. I do not want to use Litespeed cache plugin but I am interested in using litespeed server-side caching . I use htaccess method to cache pages using litespeed but my problem is that I am unable to prevent showing cached...
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    I'm not sure caching logged in users is working

    Hello. I'm a complete Litespeed novice, but have had some assistance from my server team setting it all up and I have to say, my rather bulky Wordpress website is running like lightning (using litespeed cache v2.0 on Wordpress 4.8.5 The problems however start when users login to the site. We...
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    Disable Cache in PHP

    Hi, We develop out sites in Concrete5 CMS and I've recently got a new VPS with Litespeed cache. The sites are running nice and fast but one issue I have is that when I login I think the cache is causing some bugs with the CMS. Is there a way in PHP to disable Litespeed? It would then just be a...