1. lclarke

    PHP LSAPI v7.5 Now Available

    Announcing: PHP LSAPI v7.5 This release consists of bug fixes RELEASE LOG: [Bug Fix] Override ITIMER_PROF to 0.1 seconds to ensure that a clean shutdown won't get stuck in an infinity loop. [Bug Fix] Completely disabled "error_reporting" before starting a clean shutdown to avoid generating a...
  2. lclarke

    PHP LSAPI v7.3 Now Available

    Announcing: PHP LSAPI v7.3 In this release: support for fastcgi_finish_request(), and more! RELEASE LOG: [New Feature] Added `litespeed_finish_request()` and alias `fastcgi_finish_request()` to allow PHP to continue running background jobs after finishing the current request. [Improvement]...
  3. lclarke

    PHP LSAPI v7.2 Now Available

    Announcing: PHP LSAPI v7.2 In this release: Improved direct logging, bug fixes. RELEASE LOG: [Improvement] Added timestamp when directly logging stderr to file. [Bug Fix] Fixed LSAPI protocol corruption when PHP scripts fork child process. (reported by CloudLinux) [Big Fix] Fixed uninitialized...
  4. S

    LSAPI Support for Perl

    Hello, I hope you are well. I was wondering if there are any plans to create LSAPI support for Perl. I know of many companies currently using Apache/mod_perl, and would love to move away from it for better performance. Thank you. -SG
  5. lclarke

    PHP LSAPI v7.1 Now Available

    Greetings! PHP LSAPI v7.1 was released yesterday. In this release: Improved CRIU support, bug fixes, and more! Full release log: * [FEATURE] allow php_admin_value to override configuration set in php.ini, like open_basedir. * [BUGFIX] Fixed a bug in PHP suEXEC daemon mode that cause...
  6. lclarke

    PHP LSAPI v7.0 Now Available

    Greetings! PHP LSAPI v7.0 was released today. In this release: enhanced process manager, support for CRIU, and more! Full release log: Enhanced process manager. Added CRIU support. Added support for [PATH=] and [HOST=] sections in php.ini...
  7. lclarke

    Python LSAPI v1.4 Now Available

    Greetings! Python LSAPI v1.4 was released today. In this release: improvements with logging. Full release log: Improved stderr logging with timestamp. Disabled unnecessary debug logging. Enjoy!
  8. lclarke

    Ruby LSAPI v4.4 and Python LSAPI v1.3 Now Available

    Greetings! Ruby LSAPI v4.4 was released today. Full release log: * [FEATURE] STDERR log output is now redirected to the application log directory for easier troubleshooting. * Improved compatibility with different versions of the RubyOnRails framework. Also, Python LSAPI v1.3 was released...