1. J

    [solved] PHP 7.2 and memcached

    According to this document this document to install memcached all I needed to do was run the command yum install lsphp56-pecl-memcached lsphp70-pecl-memcached lsphp71-pecl-memcached lsphp72-pecl-memcached I ran that command however when I go to build PHP 7.2 I still am not seeing memcached. I...
  2. tropicalserver

    Compatilibity with Memcached?

    Hello there, Is the Joomla LS Cache plugin compatible with Memcached? Thanks
  3. P

    LSMCD memory issue

    Hi, We're testing your memcached (lsmcd) and got it up and running smoothly. However we are having issues with memory usage. The /dev/shm/lsmcd folder is not the issue as it's barely 200MBs, but the cached processes simply grows until we have to stop and start lsmcd to start fresh (usually...