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    Website on mobile device loads first with desktop view when LiteSpeed Cache is enabled.

    Hello, I am using Opencart, Journal 3 theme and have added LiteSpeed Cache to speed up website. When LiteSpeed Cache is enabled, when I visit website on mobile device, website first shows with desktop view instead of mobile view. When refresh website, it switches to mobile view. This...
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    Homepage Images , Carousel & Sliding menu not loading correctly & Aligning

    Hi Everyone Hostinstalled Litespeed Cache and currently running on an LS webserver. Im having an issue on the Mobile & Desktop device where images, sliders & carousel are not loading in the right order, and also changing the layout on the homepage due to images not aligning correctly. I am...
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    Guest mode not working well on mobile

    Hello, I am trying to optimize the website speed for mobile and I tried with Guest Mode, Guest Optimisation and Cache mobile. The speed score increased, but the user experience is being affected as there is a blank page with some letters and weird format loading, and it requires reloading the...
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    Entering the site from the mobile too late

    Hello, when I disable the plugin, I enter the site much faster than mobile. There is no problem with the desktop, but when I enable the plugin again, it enters the site too late from mobile. how to fixed ?
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    How to detect version when Caching Mobile is true in WP plugin

    Hi If I enable Cache Mobile in the Wordpress plugin how can I detect which version is being served in my template? Is there a header value or some other global variable that I can use? Thanks, Soeren
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    Crawler and website mobile version

    Hi, I have a desktop and mobile versions of the website. Depending on the user agent a different version of the website is displayed. In Litespeed cache I have enabled Cache Mobile option in settings. My question is does Litespeed cache crawler honor the Cache Mobile option and creates two...