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    The second domain redirects me to the first domain

    I installed Lightspeed and WordPress and the domain was linked they all worked fine and normally, but the problem happened when I added a second domain and installed WordPress on it the problem is that the second domain automatically directed me to the first domain what should I do now!
  2. A

    LiteSpeed Cache causing issues on website

    Hello! I have a website build with Wordpress, and I decided to install LiteSpeed to improve its speed. Every time I activate the plugin, the appearance of the pages becomes very poor, and everything is disorganized. When I deactivate the plugin, everything returns to normal, and it looks good...
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    Issues after switching back to Apache

    Hi, couldn't think of a better thread group to post this in...not that I'm inferring Litespeed is the culprit. Been using Litespeed since early-mid 2017 I believe and have done well. BUT, been testing things by switching to Apache and I end up not being able to get back into my WP Admin and my...