1. LuigiMdg

    Purge Cache at 00 o'clock

    Salutations, as the title suggests, would it be possible to trigger those 3600 seconds exactly at **: 00:00..? Thanks in advance to anyone who will take a moment to answer me.
  2. G

    No way to clear LSCache cache since about v.6.0 rolled out

    It seems there is literally no support for a paid product which is kind of a shame as I now have to write this again after submitting it via the contact form weeks ago and getting no response whatsoever. The issue is that the very simple custom implementation of a cache clearing php script we...
  3. K

    Purge cache with '$_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]'

    Line 1 and line 2 aren't the same? The first line is purge the cache, but second line does not purge cache. How can I get the page address and delete the cache with php?
  4. M

    Purge url header not working

    Hi, I am using the following to try and purge a URL: header('X-LiteSpeed-Purge: /about/work-for-us'); But it's not working, when I run that header in my code and then go back to the page I still get a cache hit in console. Could it be LS configuration on the server? I can definitely purge...
  5. T

    [Resolved] LS cache purge all php script

    In the Wordpress lightspeed cache plugin there is a purge all cache button. I would love to integrate a similar function in a plugin for Craft cms. I already found a solution to purge the cache of a single page...