1. D

    Lscache Purging issue in laravel

    Hello Everyone , i have implemented the lscache in one of my laravel application but there is some issue with the purging and hit the private cache. Initially routes are hit the private cache but whenever i made the post request then it's clearing all the caches , bellow is the code which i...
  2. LuigiMdg

    Purge Cache at 00 o'clock

    Salutations, as the title suggests, would it be possible to trigger those 3600 seconds exactly at **: 00:00..? Thanks in advance to anyone who will take a moment to answer me.
  3. G

    No way to clear LSCache cache since about v.6.0 rolled out

    It seems there is literally no support for a paid product which is kind of a shame as I now have to write this again after submitting it via the contact form weeks ago and getting no response whatsoever. The issue is that the very simple custom implementation of a cache clearing php script we...
  4. K

    Purge cache with '$_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]'

    Line 1 and line 2 aren't the same? The first line is purge the cache, but second line does not purge cache. How can I get the page address and delete the cache with php?
  5. M

    Purge url header not working

    Hi, I am using the following to try and purge a URL: header('X-LiteSpeed-Purge: /about/work-for-us'); But it's not working, when I run that header in my code and then go back to the page I still get a cache hit in console. Could it be LS configuration on the server? I can definitely purge...
  6. T

    [Resolved] LS cache purge all php script

    In the Wordpress lightspeed cache plugin there is a purge all cache button. I would love to integrate a similar function in a plugin for Craft cms. I already found a solution to purge the cache of a single page...