1. O

    Not Getting Domain Key

    I have clicked on request a domain key, also waited for hours but unable to get domain key. I have tried all possible solutions. Also disabled my firewall. But then also nothing is happening. Please help me by providing domain key as soon as possible. And after clicking on waiting for appoval...
  2. X

    LiteSpeed Cache Image Optimization

    quic.cloud cdn works fine, but when I press "gather image data" in the image optimization tab, it gives this error img_optm table could not be created! SQL: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `wp40_litespeed_img_optm` () DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci;. img_optming table...
  3. E

    Wordpess litespeed cache and quic

    Hello everyone, my wordpress site Akustik panel Litespeed quic as images and CSS files but I'm trying to optimize what are the most appropriate settings into one another I've searched but I didn't have a clear knowledge about what should be done.
  4. M

    Reconfigure CDN

    Hi there, I enabled the CDN https://quic.cloud/ inside litespeed plugin. I faced many issues with it. CDN is not working probably. So I decided to delete my domain from https://quic.cloud/, since I was thinking that I will be able to reconfigure CDN from Litespeed again. But I can not find an...
  5. H

    All in one wp migration now entire site broken

    I can disable the use "cdn mapping and it works", but when it's on the entire site is broken with 404's for all files. Any idea how I can resolve this quickly?
  6. X

    Quic Cloud IPS

    Hello, I'm thinking about using the CloudFlare CDN but I was wondering where can I see the locations of the servers? All I found are the IPs? Just wondering if there is an IP to serve content from Bulgaria.
  7. J

    Adding subdomain to QUIC.cloud CDN

    Hello, I have a test site running on a sub domain(sub.domain.com). Can I enable Quic.cloud CDN to this sub domain only? I don't want to change anything for the root domain. The purpose here is to check the website(sub.domain.com) performance with and without CDN.
  8. A

    Head mashed trying to configure quic.cloud

    I've tried following the guide, but truth be told it's a difficult read, and it mentions setting up sub domains and having them point to the main domain. Which I want as I use www. But the important parts of the guide are blacked out. I put in what I think needs to go in, but my site reports...
  9. sibipaul

    Litespeed Quic and Quic.cloud Dynamic CDN Both are Same?

    Hello, Forgive me if Its a Stupid Question. I was Planning to Migrate to Litespeed Plan, So, I checked its advantages... Meanwhile, I was A Quic.cloud Dynamic CDN in LS Cache Settings. So, I went to their site and Registered... There, I came to Understand that, Quic.cloud is a Uniq CDN...
  10. lclarke

    LSCache for WordPress v2.9.7 Now Available

    Announcing: LSCache for WordPress v2.9.7 In this release: QUIC.cloud CDN support (join the beta, and use LSCache even with #apache or #nginx web servers!). RELEASE LOG: QUIC.cloud CDN feature. Now Apache/Nginx can use LiteSpeed cache freely. https://wordpress.org/plugins/litespeed-cache/ Cheers!