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    How to Secure a Linux Server and Website Project [WIP] [Learning Project]

    I plan to do the same post in a few different forums to receive different opinions and I don't speak English natively, I hope this isn't a problem. I will be grouping and placing all current learning links for secure linux server and website security in this post in an organized manner. My Goal...
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    problem with setting of cgi umask

    hello my problem is when i want to set the umask setting of cgi under security tab in admin panel of litespeed. i need to set it as 0022 but it just accept a value in range of 000-777 so i tried 002 as said in the forums posts but when i check the result of "echo exec('umask');" by php, it...
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    Unethical Use of the Server! Some Attention needed.

    Hi, I love this web server and I have used it many a times to make small test projects and such. But today something fishy happened. I was just browsing a website : "", an anime website I landed on through Google. Now when I clicked on play button of the video ...