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    Could I use modsecurity on litespeed(enterprise) and openlitespeed?

    I would like to use litespeed(commercial) or openlitespeed with the WAF(modsecurity). However, in my environment, it seems that litespeed does not load modsecurity rules correctly. I did 2 putterns. >1 openlitespeed with libmodsecurity (I confirmed modsecurity itself was loaded from admin...
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    Plesk with Litespeed using Apache configurations: WAF and GeoIP setup

    Hello all, We're trying to setup a new batch of shared webhosting servers, based on Plesk 18.x Obsidian running on CloudLinux, with LiteSpeed as webserver. The Wiki and the Docs do have a few articles regarding installation on Plesk servers, but mainly about some general setup. Control Panel...
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    COMODO WAF rules & Whitelist

    I am trying to use the COMODO WAF rules on litespeed without a control panel. I have the rule enabled and in log only mode in order to test and I am seeing a lot of entries that appear as though they would block legitimate requests, which I would like to resolve before using it in production and...