Could I use modsecurity on litespeed(enterprise) and openlitespeed?

I would like to use litespeed(commercial) or openlitespeed with the WAF(modsecurity).
However, in my environment, it seems that litespeed does not load modsecurity rules correctly.

I did 2 putterns.

openlitespeed with libmodsecurity
(I confirmed modsecurity itself was loaded from admin WEBGUI(port:7080))

litespeed(commercial) with modsecurity2 in apache config
(I confirmed apache configtest is ok and litespeed recognized the apache config from the webgui)

Would it be possible to tell me how to load modsecurity rules correctly?
I use the latest atomic's rules for apache.

(If it's necessary to attach files, please specify the configuration or logs. I will do it.)