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    Could I use modsecurity on litespeed(enterprise) and openlitespeed?

    I would like to use litespeed(commercial) or openlitespeed with the WAF(modsecurity). However, in my environment, it seems that litespeed does not load modsecurity rules correctly. I did 2 putterns. >1 openlitespeed with libmodsecurity (I confirmed modsecurity itself was loaded from admin...
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    Some Warns with ModSecurity and mod_pagespeed

    Hello, Listespeed 6.0.8 (build2) just some warnings that could be investigate WARN [17025] [T0] [] can't set 'Forced Type', undefined MIME Type handler/mod_pagespeed_beacon WARN [17025] [T0] [] can't set 'Forced Type', undefined MIME Type handler/mod_pagespeed_statistics WARN [17025]...
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    Cyber Attack To My LSWS Server

    Recently when I logged into my server through SSH. I was shocked to find that there were almost 1894 failed login attempts as shown in the SSH welcome screen. God knows how many have successfully crashed into my server. As a beginner I have no idea related to server attacks and intrusion. I was...
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    Cannot enable mod security "@inspectFile" on litespeed, while working with Apache (Solved)

    Hello there I have CentOS WHM/Cpanel server then switched from Apache to Litespeed My Litespeed version is 5.3.7 (build 4) But i found that modsecurity @inspectFile cannot applied to scan uploaded file, while if i switched to Apache it works without any problem ! I have installed Comodo...
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    litespeed+mod_security error_log hostname issue

    Hi dear friends i have a problem when i switch to litespeed here is apache webserver + mod_security error log (which help me grep target domain in error_log to find the issue in simple way) [:error][client] ModSecurity: Access denied with code 403 (phase 2). Pattern match...