1. P

    Listener for _default_ is not available

    Hi there, 1. I just set up a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 VPS. 2. I have installed LS and CyberPanel via: sh <(curl || wget -O - 3. I have not setup anything else on the server so far. But I still see the following in the LS server...
  2. P

    User, groups and permissons

    Hi there, I have some questions in regards to the proper configuration of LiteSpeed (and CyberPanel): 1. Default LiteSpeed is running as user(nobody) : group(nobody) - do I need to change this? 2. What is the proper user, group and permission to set to the a web-site folder ( including...
  3. A

    Subtotal price and product count in elementor's header cart-menu won't sync

    Hi, the problem I'm facing with is that the Subtotal price elementor's header cart-menu won't sync, after adding product to a cart. You can see it on the screenshot below. But after switching to another subpage, for example on shop, the product count and subtotal price in the header will be 0...
  4. X

    LiteSpeed Cache Image Optimization cdn works fine, but when I press "gather image data" in the image optimization tab, it gives this error img_optm table could not be created! SQL: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `wp40_litespeed_img_optm` () DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci;. img_optming table...
  5. S

    Could I use modsecurity on litespeed(enterprise) and openlitespeed?

    I would like to use litespeed(commercial) or openlitespeed with the WAF(modsecurity). However, in my environment, it seems that litespeed does not load modsecurity rules correctly. I did 2 putterns. >1 openlitespeed with libmodsecurity (I confirmed modsecurity itself was loaded from admin...
  6. R

    Blank sitemap

    i generated sitemap using RankMath Seo plugin but Sitemap is not showing in my website, Even i excluded sitemap form being cache but still problem not solved, now i am loosing google ranking so please help me . when i checked uninstalling litespeed cache plugin, sitemap was showing without any...
  7. A

    litespeed cache causing search engines to display older content in results

    hello,i am using litepeed for my woocommerce website.when i search my website in google it shows just another wordpress site and some old content in search result,i have indexed my website with google search console still shows the same result.Then i tried clearing the cache and purged all the...
  8. Z

    AllowOverrideList support

    AllowOverrideList is not supported and AllowOverride is not enough because FileInfo contains mod_rewrite directives, which I do not want to block and some that I would like to block.
  9. M

    error 500 afer fresh install when accessing to litespeed web ui

    Hello, I got a problem after a fresh install of cyberpanel + litespeed ent bundle v2.1.1 on centos 8 (on a vps) : error 500 on connecting to ip:7080 even with 7080 port opened in cyberpannel firewall. (I have do a netstat and 7080 is listening right) According to...
  10. R

    Third Party SSL - The certificate is not trusted in all web browsers

    Hi Everyone, I have not come across this problem before and I believe I have setup the SSL according to the instructions I have found online or within this forum. Unfortunately I am still getting the following error The certificate is not trusted in all web browsers. You may need to install an...
  11. M

    Reconfigure CDN

    Hi there, I enabled the CDN inside litespeed plugin. I faced many issues with it. CDN is not working probably. So I decided to delete my domain from, since I was thinking that I will be able to reconfigure CDN from Litespeed again. But I can not find an...
  12. S

    Entering the site from the mobile too late

    Hello, when I disable the plugin, I enter the site much faster than mobile. There is no problem with the desktop, but when I enable the plugin again, it enters the site too late from mobile. how to fixed ?
  13. S

    Litespeed cache setting browsing problem

    Hey, I did the setting for the litespeed cache and when I browse my website: at the start it open with the list of contents which doesn't look good as you can see in the attachment. Can anybody help me with the settings what is the possible problem? The link is
  14. Pairfum London

    Clear Cache Not Working?

    Dear Forum Members, We have noticed during the past week that Litespeed's cache clearing no longer works or only partially works. Here are two examples: 1. Shop page: This is our shop page: At the top of the screen should be these 4 x...
  15. F

    Error 520: Web Server is returning an unknown error CyberPanel

    Hello l am getting this error 2020-06-01 07:26:03.927440 [NOTICE] [AutoRestarter] cleanup children processes and unix sockets belong to process 414528 ! 2020-06-01 07:26:04.000066 [NOTICE] [AutoRestarter] child process with pid=414529 received signal=11, a core file is created currently using...
  16. E

    403 Forbidden Using Puffin browser

    Hi. I was using puffin browser to do WordPress customisation and suddenly after a while I'm getting 403 forbidden error. Everything is fine on Chrome and other web browsers but on puffin browser I cannot access anything. Is there any workaround for this ? Any kind of suggestion would be...
  17. E

    Cyber Attack To My LSWS Server

    Recently when I logged into my server through SSH. I was shocked to find that there were almost 1894 failed login attempts as shown in the SSH welcome screen. God knows how many have successfully crashed into my server. As a beginner I have no idea related to server attacks and intrusion. I was...
  18. T

    Test server configuration - certificate setup

    Hi, I currently have one server in production with LiteSpeed and would like to setup a test server with the a newer version of LiteSpeed, OS and changes in the website as well. For a testing period I would like to have 2 different (AWS) servers for a single domain (, and once it is...
  19. J

    cpu Affinity

    I have enabled "CPU Affinity" in my litespeed configuration along with "RAM Disk Path" both of which were not enabled before. I am using a CloudLinux server with cPanel which hosts hundred of site. Now I would like to know how can I measure the performance improvement after enabling these...
  20. sibipaul

    How to Update Server and Essentials After Installation?

    Hello, dear Litespeed and it's fans... I'm a Litespeed Ent + Cyber Panel Ent user My Server is a 4 CPU with 8GB RAM. I installed and configured my server few months ago... Now, I wish to have the latest version of CentOS and all the software. So, I Opened my SSH and RUN sudo su - yum -y...