1. J

    Assigning individual memory for users in LSMCD

    Hi, I would like to know how to assign different levels of memory for users (say 256MB for one,512MB for other)in LSMCD rather than using a general pool. I see there are no official documentation of Litespeed regarding this. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in Advance!
  2. F

    Mistake in Litespeed Wiki page - how do I advise admin to correct?

    Hi, I've spotted a potential error an a litespeed wiki page. ( ) How do I contact admin to correct?
  3. sibipaul

    Can I use Only IPv6 as AAAA Records to Point a Domain to Litespeed Server?

    Hello, I'm an LS Site Owner User Think as My Domain is Pointed to one IPv6 as AAAA Records. But, I didn't Create any A Records ( IPv4 ) or CNAME. I Just want to Show My Webpage on or http:// my IPv6 Address if everything right, it should work correctly? ( correct me if...
  4. sibipaul

    Litespeed Show Webpage and OLS Show 404 Error While Browse to IP

    Hello, For a Test and Comparison... I created Two Digital Ocean Droplets. First One is Centos + Litespeed Ent + Cyber Panel and the second one is Centos + OLS + Cyber Panel Once the Installation Completed through SSH, I rebooted both servers. Then, I Logged in on Both Using its IP:8090...
  5. J

    How to access Virtual hosts with ip?

    I setup the virtual hosts with "name based virtual hosting" and are working properly while typing the domain names in browser. I would like to access virtual hosts by calling IP. How can I do that? Thanks!
  6. T

    Solution to /tmp/ Mount Filling Up and Breaking Litespeed

    All, I'm running cPanel, CloudLinux, and Litespeed. I recently started having an issue where the ~4GB /tmp/ mount would fill up completely, and break Litespeed, and other pieces of my server. These files would be created in the /tmp/lshttpd/ directory, and be named similar to core.52890. These...
  7. sibipaul

    Can I Get Mails from LS Ent Installation?

    Hello, I Installed Litespeed in AWS Instance. I know, if I create A WordPress Site and Use a Plugin for SMTP Setup, Then I can Get or send emails from my site to users and notification to admin. But, That's Under the Particular WordPress Installation Only. That WordPress is in the Litespeed...
  8. sibipaul

    Use AWS SSL in Litespeed Ent Without AWS Load Balancer

    Hi, I am Using AWS + LiteSpeed + WordPress. AWS Charging Around 18$ for a Month for ELB. My Blog is a Small Blog So ELB is Not Necessary. So Paying EC2 Charges are OK, but ELB Charge is Not Good. I know This Question is Belongs to AWS, Why do I ask Here? I am Using EC2 as Just an Instance...
  9. K

    Install and configure Litemage on WHM

    Does anyone know how to install / configure litemage on whm? I did the normal installation of litespeed, but hired litespeed + litemage standard. When I go to WHM plugins, there is nothing litemage inside litespeed, just wordpress. Does anyone know how to enable, configure and install...
  10. sibipaul

    How to Login to PhpMyAdmin in Litespeed Server?

    Sir, I have Installed Litespeed in My AWS EC2 Instance Installed Litespeed Server Through SSH Able to Login to The CyberPanel Using https://ip-address :8090 But, I want to Login to PhpMyAdmin When I Open https://ip-address :8090/phpmyadmin/index.php A Login Page Shows, and Asking me to...
  11. sibipaul

    Best Practice to RUN Litespeed + Cyber Panel in AWS EC2 Instance

    Hi, I am New Here... I slowly Learning Things. I wish to Share Things which I Learned here... Here You Can See The Method, I used in AWS for All My Instance. Slowly I am Changing All My Sites to Litespeed. Without wasting any time, I am here posting the steps which I do in AWS. 1 - Launch...
  12. R

    Need some hand holding/reassurance on lsapi

    Hi all, So I have just recently upgraded a server to Litespeed. I am using Centos, Cpanel, Cloudlinux, Litespeed. I am looking to (obviously) get the best performance possible from my server and was making enquiries on how to do that. It was brought to my attention that I am currently using...
  13. sibipaul

    How to Optimize Litespeed Tuning and PHP Tuning for WordPress in Cyber Panel?

    Sir, Recently I Have Installed Cyber Panel to One of My Clients Website, as Per his Request. His Server is Cent OS 7 + AWS + Cyber Panel Litespeed + WordPress. I would like to Deliver him the best Optimized website. I can see a setting inside the Cyber Panel - Tuning There, Two Options...
  14. sibipaul

    Litespeed Instance on AWS EC2 Permission Denied But Fixed

    Hello Sir... I was trying to Upload Google Webmaster Verification HTML File on My EC2 Server ( Litespeed Wordpress ) Using WinSCP SFTP Successfully Logged in and View Files & Folders of All Directory. I Copied the Google verification HTML File and Try to Paste in /var/www/html But, I was...
  15. A

    Litespeed and Apache Running.

    Hi, this morning i found that litespeed and apache working at same time in my server. I'm looking for what caused this. Can you help me with that. Thanks in advance.
  16. S

    Frontend Upload Image And Slow Website Problem In Wordpress While using Bimber Theme and Litespeed Plugin.

    Hello Dear Friends, I'm using Bimber Wordpress Theme. It is a front upload editor base website. All users can submit their post, list, quiz and etc. Im using also Snax plugin for fornt end upload system. I have a problem since I have been using this theme. My serves is in Turhost. My Server...
  17. A

    .htaccess issue in LiteSpeed Web Server

    Need help with litespeed web server .htaccess rules. is existing URL, but now what we need to rewrite is mentioned below: And our Existing `.htaccess` code is also given below. RewriteEngine on<br/>...
  18. M

    Use both the CDN KeyCDN and the Cloudflare via LSCWP for WP plugin?

    Hi, Is it possible to use both the CDN KeyCDN and the Cloudflare at the same time via LSCWP for WP plugin? Thanks in advance for the support.
  19. M

    LSCWP for WP plugin - Cloudflare Automatic Cache Management.

    Hi, I use LSCWP for WP plugin, and use Cloudflare with the WP plugin provided by Cloudflare. I would like to use Cloudflare directly via LSCWP for WP plugin and the only question I have for you is the following. The official plugin developed by Cloudflare for WP offers this function...
  20. C

    When I enable LiteSpeed, google console shows an error

    When I enable LiteSpeed, google console shows an error: - 3 (index):1 GET net::ERR_ABORTED 404 The cache files show an incorrect URL for these files. If I disable the cache the problem goes away. Or if I delete the cache the problem...