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    cpu Affinity

    I have enabled "CPU Affinity" in my litespeed configuration along with "RAM Disk Path" both of which were not enabled before. I am using a CloudLinux server with cPanel which hosts hundred of site. Now I would like to know how can I measure the performance improvement after enabling these...
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    problem with setting of cgi umask

    hello my problem is when i want to set the umask setting of cgi under security tab in admin panel of litespeed. i need to set it as 0022 but it just accept a value in range of 000-777 so i tried 002 as said in the forums posts but when i check the result of "echo exec('umask');" by php, it...
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    Problem connecting to webadmin

    Hi, I have installed litespeed on ubuntu 16.04 server and made basic configurations about a month ago. Then I could access to webadmin console but not anymore. First I thought it was an firewall issue but netstat gives me this: Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address...